Domek narzędziowy Keter Artisan 7x7

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: Keter
  • Kategoria: Altany i domki ogrodowe
  • Contemporary design with clean line and crystal clear windows.
  • Durable construction with steel reinforcement makes this durable shed worry-free, and weather resistance keeps it low maintenance.
  • The innovative DUOTECH™ walls provide a gorgeous weathered wooden texture with all the durability of resin.
  • DUOTECH™ walls are also easily paintable, making it easy to customize for the look you would like.
  • Easy to assemble thanks to its precut tongue and groove panels.
  • Wide double doors provide easy access.
  • Heavy-duty floor makes it ideal for storing especially heavy items.
  • Steel bar reinforcement for snow load up to 200 kg/sqm (40 PSF).

The Artisan7x7 shed is supremely durable yet stylish. It has a weather-resistant double wall build with steel reinforcement, a heavy-duty floor for storing even major items, and a robust ceiling that supports heavy loads of snow. Design-wise, it has an attractive rustic chic style thanks to its unique paintable DUOTECH™walls with a weathered wooden texture, a crystal clear windows, a skylight, and double doors.

  • Innovative DUOTECH™ walls with steel reinforcements
  • Weather-resistant build
  • Rustic wood-like texture
  • Paintable and drillable
  • Double doors
  • Windows
  • High ceiling
  • Heavy-duty floor
  • Ultra-robust roof supports snow loads of up to 200 kg/sqm
  • Locking system (lock not included

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